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Chances are you've seen whiplash portrayed on television, usually involving a less-than-reputable plaintiff's attorney fitting a client with a neck brace for a fake injury. The reality is that whiplash can be very painful and disruptive, and filing a lawsuit for a whiplash injury could be your best option in some situations.

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So injuries to the neck that result from this extreme snapping or jerking are commonly called whiplash. Note: Personal injury attorneys avoid using the word " whiplash." In recent years the word "whiplash" has come to be associated with fake or exaggerated personal injury claims — scaring up images of lawyers handing …

Whiplash Injury Lawyer. If you have been in an accident and are now experiencing stiffness or sore muscles, you may have suffered soft tissue injuries as the result of the accident. The most common of these injuries is whiplash. If you believe you may be suffering from a soft tissue injury, do not speak to an insurance …

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